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Park/Ibis Hotel, Cawang, Jakarta, 15 March 2017

 What is cost? In Supply Chain context, unlike conventional understanding, cost is everything that consumes potential profit a firm deserves to attain, whether from buying, selling, making, keeping, moving, digging, harvesting, product configuration, product expiration, loss of sales or even from not doing anything to materials/goods across Supply Chain.

In a world of becoming more and more competitive, every time new and powerful competitors can threat Firms in any industry. Cost reduction can resist a firm to maintain or strengthen its market position from thread of these competitors, especially during global economic downturn we have been experiencing.

In a competitive world, price, quality and reliability become given market factors. A firm has to meet the requirement as “table stake” to competition. However, these factors don’t give a firm a change to win since every firm has to achieve it to stay in business. Instead, sweet pots are available across Supply Chain. To get it, Initiatives to reduce or eliminate cost have to be carried out.

Executive Brief’s Objective

To reduce or eliminate cost, a firm has to have many initiatives. What is the justification for an initiative? This Executive Brief will equip Participants with knowledge and understanding on the justification for an initiative, exchange of ideas, experiences and expectation of partners in business for Initiative, and seek opportunity to implement it together across Supply Chain.

Executive Brief’s Outline

In the Executive Brief  will balance presentation & discussion on Initiatives with the following outline:

  •  Supply Chain, The Original Way
  • Reducing, Human, Working & Fix Capitals
  • Improving Utilization of Human, Working and Fix Capitals
  • Improving Flexibility, Agility and Responsiveness
  • Reducing Complexity of Supply Activity
  • Pipelining flows of materials/goods
  • Reducing Surplus or Deficit of  Supply
  • Reducing or Eliminating Repetitive Supply Activities

 Industry Represented

Mining, Plantation, Manufacturing, Logistics Services, Distribution, Hospitality, Utility and Construction

 Who Should Attend

 Manager, Senior Manager or Director of Function, Department Head, Business Unit Head and Division Head at Industry Represented.

 Mr. Hendy M. Sitompul will facilitate the Executive Brief.  Industrial Professionals who desire to contribute more to firms and to have personal satisfaction with the contributions, we welcome you to join this Executive Brief. The Executive Brief will be enriched through exchange of ideas, experiences and expectation of partners in business across Supply Chain.

 About The Facilitator

Hendy M. Sitompul is a Consultant, Trainer and Coach in Supply Chain field. He is an Industry Veteran. He had worked in various industries, i.e., petrochemicals, industrial gases, palm plantation, palm oil derivatives, consumer goods and industrial goods at multinationals firms.

In 1993/1994, He was in management program with The Gillette Company at Boston CHQ, USA, for 18 months by which He began accumulating his expertise in Supply Chain field.  He had consulted some Firms, Government Offices and NGO and coached some professionals on Supply Chain.

He graduated in Chemical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia and hold Master degree in Business Administration, Rockville University, Sarasota-Florida, USA. He had courses in Managerial Finance & Managerial Accounting, Harvard University, Boston, USA, General Management, Alexander Hamilton Institute of Management, New Jersey, USA, Inventory Management, APICS, USA, and Leadership, Dale Carnegie Foundation, USA.

He is the Founder of Institute of Supply Chain Indonesia (ISCI), a Learning, Sharing and Networking Forum on Supply Chain for Industry Professionals.

Workshop Investment:

Rp. 2.500.000,- /person, Rp. 2.000.000,- /2 person, Rp. 1.750.000,-/3 person

The investment includes Workshop kits, certificate, meals & lunch, but excludes PPN and Pph 23.

For Information Please contact Ratih  at 0838-06365468 (Mobile) or  021-2938-6827 or email to,

For Registration Please download registration form or ask Ms. Ratih  After you fill out the Form, please transfer Training Investment to BANK BUKOPIN Cab MT. Haryono, Acc No. 1000 112 425 Cq. PT. Multikreasi Edutama.  After you transfer the Investment, please email to or fax to 021 2938-6827, the Form and Transfer Slip.

 This Training Managed by Institute Supply Chain Indonesia and Organized by Lumbung Kreasi

 Note :  The event will take place if the number of participants fulfill quota of 10 people


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